The damage to a company’s reputation due to poor travel planning, preparation and provision of in-country protection could be severe.

Our skilled team at Risk Hunters will carefully plan to ensure the safety and security of your travelling individuals in transit and in-country. We will discuss with you and assess the company objectives in relation to the travel plans before carrying out a thorough assessment of risk and any foreseeable problems. Where those problems can be dealt with prior to travel and having considered all the available information, we will recommend steps to remove them. We will of course monitor the intended destination and surrounding areas to plan around any issues which may arise.

Constant monitoring will ensure we can be quick to react should any extraction methods be required. Where training is needed prior to travel, we will offer a package bespoke to the company and individual to ensure they are fully prepared. Executive protection services will also be planned for where required.

Throughout this process, we will ensure we have continuous and effective communication with senior management to ensure they are aware that their duty of care towards their staff is being delivered.