Risk Hunters advanced digital facility mapping and visualization solutions are used around the world to provide situational awareness to prepare for, avoid, respond to and recover from emergency situations ranging from natural disasters to acts of terrorism.

From schools to Oil & Gas industry, our Subject Matter Experts understand the complex issues involved with infrastructure security, the vital data required to support critical decision making, and the operational procedures used by critical response teams, first responders and crisis management professionals. Our digital mapping solutions are a key component of security planning and training processes to include anti-terrorism and force protection; consequence management; and crisis management.

At Risk Hunters we help to build smartsafety infrastructure in the field of

  • Transportation: this includes mass transit buses, Train, waterways transport & commercial Motor cycle
  • Urban development & community integration: includes waste management, Traffic information Management, Parking information management & Car Pooling
  • Multi agency management, traffic and law enforcement: Personal safety, Risk management & law enforcement information

Our solutions can be standalone or integrated to GIS platforms via crowdsourcing that helps public to integrate with agencies and government alike. Public safety boost public confidence in social structure and ensure political stability. Our public safety solutions are self-sustaining and can generate large incomes for investors.