Risk Hunter provides comprehensive project risk assessments for companies wishing to understand security environments in which they are currently or soon to be working in.

Each assessment is prefaced with an analysis of any credible security threats present in the vicinity of the site or operation, such as opportune crime, armed or organized crime, kidnap, extortion, terrorism, militancy, conflict, activism and civil unrest. Statistics and incident/risk mapping play an important role in this process. Instead of providing a generic overview of security risks in the geographic area, Risk Hunters analysts will explore the relationship between the threats and the assets specified by the client to produce a completely tailored analysis.

Our intelligence assessment process combines both a desktop review by Risk Hunters Risk’s intelligence analysts and ‘ground truth’ and atmospherics provided by Risk hunters in-country personnel.

At the conclusion of an intelligence assessment, all of the considered threats will be quantified in terms of the probability that they will affect the client site and the impact they are likely to have if they do occur (raw risk). The results are then shown on an intermediate risk graph, allowing the client to grade the threats to their assets and to make informed decisions on the allocation of resources for any subsequent risk mitigation.